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The 480-acre island once consisted of two separate islands, Randall’s and Ward’s, which for hundreds of years were used not as public parks but as a location for a range of public facilities including a boys’ home, a hospital, and a home for civil war veterans. The Randall’s Island Park Alliance was established to revive the park and began working alongside the City of New York and the Department of Parks & Recreation to develop sports and recreational facilities, maintain the Park, and restore its natural environment.

The implementation of the sports fields was facilitated by an agreement with a consortium of private k-12 schools in Manhattan that were in desperate need of athletic fields for their sports teams. By agreeing to lease the fields for a specific period of days every year, the financing was made possible to complete this phase of the massive sports complex. The project was designed by M. Paul Friedberg and Partners and included 32 soccer fields, 36 bat and ball fields and was the second phase in the entire sports complex.

Michael Winstanley Architects and Planners was selected to provide Peer Review services to the Office of Management and Budget of the City of New York who had financial oversight of the development of Parks and Recreation’s plans to create the new visionary sports venue. The City organized a multi-disciplinary team of architects, landscape architects, engineers and cost consultants to provide a peer review of the work to ensure the quality and technical excellence of the proposed design.

Our team provided design and technical review services related to the architectural, planning and infrastructure components of the project. After an extensive evaluation of the work, our recommendations were documented and presented to the design team for their consideration to modify the design and contract documents.