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Legacy is a large mixed-use development located on a site with strong natural amenities-gently rolling hills, mature stands of trees, a spring fed lake and proximity to the large Lake Zorinsky Recreational Area. Incorporating these natural amenities as focal points within the final master plan, the Legacy Master Plan sets a framework for developing a plan that has a strong local identity, a diversity of uses and program, and values the ecology and natural systems.

Legacy is organized around a central town green. Office, retail

and apartment uses are built around this central civic space. To the north, big box retail has optimal street frontage. To the south, the mixed-use development continues down the hill to the residential neighborhood organized around a formal residential boulevard and park. The plan is interwoven with sidewalks, greenways and street furnishings, offering options for the pedestrian and making it a human-scaled neighborhood.

Michael Winstanley AIA AICP was the Design Principal for the project during his tenure as Design Director at Leo A Daly.