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As part of a long term strategy to urbanize Falls Church and increase the tax revenue, the master plan for the city envisioned new Class A office buildings to attract more office users. This project represents the first of its type to be considered in the historic Falls Church downtown.

The six-story structure is approximately 110,000 gsf and includes retail at the ground floor, 240 car parking garage below grade on three levels, and five stories of office space above grade. The office floor plates are approximately 20,000 gsf each. The building was designed to LEED Silver specifications and boasts green roofs and storm water filtration systems.

Additional LEED benefits include a progressive transportation system and pedestrian-oriented design attributes.

The building materials are a mixture of finished pre-cast, brick and metal and glass. The pre-cast establishes a very finished and elegant retail and entrance base. The brick piers rise up from the pre-cast and establish a rhythm along both Washington Street and East Columbia Street and terminate at the top with an ornamental light fixture. The very top floor is all glass to minimize the visual impact on the street and surrounding neighborhood. The corner has a signage post that both looks toward the four corners of Falls Church and gives the building a focal point.