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This project was created by a water event. A flood from a leaking water pipe over a weekend destroyed a key part of the 10,000 sf architectural office of Mancini/Duffy/Winstanley. Faced with the task of rebuilding the space, the office took the opportunity to redesign the space first before renovating. The dilemma, similar to a “stay-in-place” lease renegotiation, was how to renovate the space without too much disruption to the day-to-day work activities of the office.

With a limited budget, the design team focused on the main public areas where clients visited. The lobby, main conference room, and two breakout spaces were gutted and replaced with new finishes, furniture and lighting to create a new ambiance for the space that was both bright and modern.

As clients entered into the new lobby, they were greeted by a wall with projected images and models.

A new reception desk was designed to be more personal and accommodating by lowering the height of the reception desk and providing some fun “cube” seating in front of the desk. Much like a boutique hotel reception area, the new look created a more friendly and contemporary feeling.

The new conference room was equally revamped. A new, wide conference table filled the room and created a more “around the table” feeling. Pin-up panels and new lighting were added as well as new audio visual support systems to provide for better presentations and teleconferencing.